Is having a rain water tank installed a good investment for your Australian home?

In many locations across Australia, there is a growing concern about the availability of fresh water. Droughts are a common topic in news stories, and some people are concerned about the possibility of water shortages and the increasing price of water. If you are like other Australians, you may know several people who have already invested in rain water tanks. These tanks are used to collect, recycle and store rain water so that it can be used inside and outside the home for everything from watering the lawn to cooking, drinking and flushing the toilet. While the basic concept of a water tank may sound logical, you may be wondering if this is a good investment to pursue. Read More…

Green building companies Australia

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Reduce Your Impact with Solar Hot Water
If you are wary of using fossil fuels in your every day life you should consider using solar hot water systems which rely on the energy from the sun to heat your water. This allows you to both reduce your energy usage and bills also and your reduces ...
The Power Of Going "Green"
Many companies and households are going “green” these days. Green power is electricity that is produced from renewable resources. Solar, wind and hydroelectricity are the three most commonly heard of. We are seeing more solar panels on city streetlig...
Reduce Waste: Use Less, Purchase Less
Energy Savings Solutions -- Reduce Waste: Use Less, Purchase Less Every Person, Household and Business can help reduce the nation’s increasing waste issue by making considerate, vigilant choices every day concerning how much every one of us actual...
Lakes and Rivers
Where is the largest and deepest lake of the world? Where to find the longest river? Why have some rivers actually Deltas? Does lakes and rivers remain forever? What is an estuary? What is the highest waterfall? How fast is actually moving a waterfal...
Importance of air quality
Australians consistently rank air pollution as a major environmental concern. The state of our air is an important factor in the quality of life in Australian cities. It affects the health of the community and directly influences the sustainability o...
Australia's Inland Waters
Many of Australia's rivers have highly variable flows, and droughts and floods are common. For the world's driest inhabited continent, water is a vital and highly valued resource. Our nation's prosperity and future lie in managing water well, the wel...
Climate change and wetlands
Wetlands and climate change is directly related, because wetlands which are areas where soil is saturated with moisture, like marshes, bogs and swamps. These areas are filled with saturated, freshwater and brackish; they serve as a natural wastewater...
Australia's Tropical Wetlands
Northern Australia has a large area of bio diverse tropical wetlands which are important for the ecological health of the region. As pressures for development increase, however, the precious ecosystems of the wetlands are threatened. Human encroachme...

Save Gas With Good Driving Habits

With the increase in fuel prices, car mileage has become an important factor. New cars are coming up with better mileage but it’s not just the new cars that can give good mileage. Old cars can also give good mileage.

It depends on few factors that include the driving style of the driver. A driver that would let the car undergo lot of acceleration and heavy braking would certainly use more amount of fuel and would not have better mileage. The effect on economy due to this reason can be 30% on the freeways and 5% inside town and city roads.

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Dry Cleaner Contamination & Cleanup

Numerous dry cleaner contamination produce risky waste that is entirely controlled by government and state powers. Cutting edge hardware and better operational measures have served to prevent or abridge site or groundwater contamination from drycleaning-related releases lately, however even the most scrupulous administrator can run into an issue once in a while.

It is assessed that more than 95% of dry cleaners, through no flaw they could call their own, have some measure of contamination in the soil or groundwater on the off chance that they’ve utilized perc. This is on account of authorization levels are so low—its compared to a thimble brimming with fluid in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Indeed, even under the best of circumstances, dry cleaners can have sudden and unintended mischances, spills, bubble overs, that can result in the discharge to get into the encompassing groundwater.

Some normal release sources, as per Environmental Waste Management Associates, a New Jersey-based counseling and remediation firm, include:

• Sewer lines and slop sinks

• Distillation units and capacity tanks

• Improper treatment of spent channels, build up, and still bottoms

• Discharge of contact water

• Spills amid solvent exchange

• Release amid pre-treatment

• Equipment breakdown and/or inappropriate support

• Release of perc contaminants through outside vents

At the point when contamination is dreaded, a dry cleaner could be on the snare to pay for site appraisals and perhaps remediation that could, in a most dire outcome imaginable, include excavation and soil evacuation. A dry cleaner can keep up operations while the process of in-situ continues. The time it takes will rely on upon the degree and seriousness of contamination. Deciding the degree of contamination then prompts choosing the course for remediation.

Unless an undeniable issue or something to that affect is freely reported or identified, the pending deal or refinancing of a property that houses or once housed a dry cleaner regularly prompts the need to check the site for contamination.

Floating Solar Plants Become New Trend

Have you heard of the latest trend in photovoltaic (PV) industry? It’s floating solar plants.
A floating solar plant is usually located on top of a water reservoir. So far, India and Japan have claimed to own the world’s largest floating solar plants. One of the major advantages of a floating PV plant is to save space; it’s especially beneficial for small countries like Japan. Another reason to develop solar plants on water is to keep them cooler since lower temperatures allow them to generate more power, which is good for countries with hot climates.
The very first such plant was tested in India in 2013. Countries with energy shortages and frequent blackouts can greatly benefit from PV plants floating on water. Nowadays, a floating solar plant in Japan generates enough power to supply around 4,700 houses.
Solar water parks are going to be introduced in the US as well. Pristine Sun, a San Francisco-based Company, has signed a contract for floating PV-project in Sonoma County.
The floating bodies are easy and fast to install, and despite the dangerous water and electricity combination, are rather safe. One of the leading thin-film stress tools and PV-software manufacturers, k-Space, has recognized the potential growth of solar industries in Japan and India by opening one of its distribution centers there.


Science and Ecology

Ecology refers to the study of relationships which living organisms have with their abiotic environments and also with each other. A few of the main topics which fall under the purview of ecology include distribution, diversity, population, biomass as well as competition between and amongst various ecosystems. Most ecosystems are composed of dynamically interacting parts such as nutrient cycling, pedogenesis, primary production and niche construction activities.

The word ecology was founded in the year 1866 by Ernst Haeckl. However, its foundation stones were laid down way back by Greek Philosophers such as Aristotle and Hippocrates in their studies upon natural history. However, scientific developments and rapid technological advances soon turned ecology into a major science by the late 19th century. The study is also closely related to genetics, ethology and evolutionary biology.

The scope of ecology is also huge and it covers a humongous array of different levels of organizations which span from the planetary scales to the micro level organisms. Ecosystems are extremely dynamic as well and do not follow any linear path. Moreover, they are continually changing, sometimes slowly and sometimes quite rapidly. The area of an ecosystem can also vary from being extremely small to being vast. For example, one tree might not have great value when compared to the ecosystem of the forest but is the prime factor for organisms that live on it.

Ecology is also called a human science. There are numerous practical applications of the subject in wetland management, city planning, natural resource management, applied sciences, basic sciences, economics, conversation biology and community health. The organisms and the resources together constitute the ecosystems. These ecosystems in turn maintain the biophysical feedback mechanisms which moderate the processes that act on the nonliving and living portions of the planet.

There are two major developments which have taken place in the field of ecology which also have great philosophical interest. Both of these developments were made possible due to the tremendous increase in the ease and speed of computation. They are the developments and use of Individual Based Models and the Geographical Information Systems.

Benefits of Solar Power Battery Storage Systems

battery-storageMany people are aware of the benefits of having solar panels installed on their property including saving money on their energy bills and the benefits to the environment when compared to burning fossil fuels. However, there is not so much awareness regarding the benefits of using battery storage systems in conjunction with solar panels. Solar power battery storage has the potential to save you even more money on your electricity bills and it also has a number of other useful features. Read More…

10 Tips to Keep Burglars Out of Your Home

10 Tips to Keep Burglars Out of Your HomeThough a top priority among home owners, security can sometimes feel like a daunting topic. Fortunately, there are plenty of smart and safe steps you can take. Here are 10 of the best tips for keep your house secure and intruders out.

1. Sensor Lights

Lighting is a fantastic deterrent for possible intruders. Thieves prefer to work in the dark. So installing sensor lights around your exterior doors and pathways is a brilliant way to throw burglars off guard and scare them off or at least deter them from trying to enter your house. And as an extra bonus sensor lights will help you find your keys and not stumble when entering your own home at night. Read More…

Create a Garden that Expresses Your Style

creating GardenOften, the most attractive element of an office or home is not the building itself, but the exterior space that it occupies. Shade trees, colorful flowers, flowing water and inviting walkways lend to the ambience of a site. Just as an interior design style reflects personal taste, so also can the exterior space make a design statement. An aesthetically satisfying landscape can enhance the quality and enjoyment of the living space. A house need not be grandiose; a cozy cottage with a well-kept garden and visual appeal becomes a relaxing and satisfying home.

A garden can be a reflection of your unique living style as well as the geographical area in which you live. Gardens can evoke a feeling of serenity. A few well-placed large stones, miniature trees and small stands of bamboo can create the feel of a Japanese garden. A well-defined grassy area ringed by marigolds or roses with a central canopy table and wrought-iron chairs evokes an English garden.

To create a garden that reflects personal taste, take a few minutes to think about how you enjoy your outdoor time. Do you play lawn games such as croquet or badminton? Do you enjoy reading in a hammock under a tree? Do you have small children that like to use a wading pool? Do you entertain outdoors? What are the seasonal weather patterns of your area? How much snow or frost does your area get each year? How hot and direct is the sun in the summertime?

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Tree Lopping and Stump Grinding

Keep Your Landscape Fresh with Tree Lopping and Stump Grinding

Your lawn or land around your home or business can be more attractive, and storm damage to trees can be slowly repaired by the use of tree lopping. This process allows your landscaper to remove sections in the tree, that may have been damaged by lightning.

Landscapers will also use lopping to reshape trees, allowing them to work better in your landscaped area. Limbs and branches can be trimmed, modifying the trees’ shape. If you want a fuller tree, they can trim down the limbs and branches. When they begin to regrow, landscapers can train them to grow in the directions desired.

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Discount Tools & Power Tools

When you go out shopping for tools, it is hard to understand from where to start with. Besides, you have to make sure that the tools you are going to purchase come under your budget. When it comes to power tools, you should try discount tools, power tools in such circumstances.

First and foremost, you should determine the type of the power tool you want. It may be an automotive tool, compressor, dovetail jigs, drill presses, flooring tools, heat guns, grinders, jointers, laser levels, metal cutters, polishers, staplers, polishers, routers, trimmers, rotary hammers, screw guns, tiling tools or sharpening tools. For this, you may check out classified ads available online.

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Leather Loungers & Carpet Cleaning

Proper Cleaning of Leather Loungers and Carpets

Cleaning Leather Loungers and CarpetThe interior of a home or business makes an impression on everyone who walks in the door. Proper cleaning and maintenance of leather and carpet improves the look of two of the most important features of an interior. Soiled surfaces and fibers encourage bacteria and odours.

General dirt and regular use can dull the original colours of these decorative items. Set-in dirt, food, liquids, oils and spills can become permanent stains. The right cleaning methods help to restore the appearance of loungers and carpets to create an attractive, welcoming appearance.


A lounger provides comfortable seating and enhances residential or commercial decor. Soiling from normal use, body oils, spills, pets and children can all leave a lounger in need of a cleaning. Hair products, lotions and colour transfer from fabrics and inks can soil a lounger during regular use. Over time, the head rest area and arm rests can become discoloured. Professional cleaning can remove soiling, restore leather’s lustre and give it a nearly new appearance.

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