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Climate change and wetlands

Wetlands and climate change is directly related, because wetlands which are areas where soil is saturated with moisture, like marshes, bogs and swamps. These areas are filled with saturated, freshwater and brackish; they serve as a natural wastewater purification system. These wetlands are located in temperature zones that keep things warm in the summer and cool in the winter and with the removal of them climate change is inevitable.

Climate Change and Wetlands

With the destruction of wetlands the weather is impacted, like with flooding and drought. The loss of these areas causes an emission of carbon dioxide and this goes straight into the atmosphere for a continuous amount of time, causing a fluctuation in the normal temperatures. The natural protection against severe weather is compromised.
This is why it is eminent to protect and maintain the wetlands; they cannot be destroyed to make way for farmland or other type of properties.

It is a necessary part of the natural progression of nature, the plants and animals that live in these wetlands must be protected. If the wetlands were destroyed these plants will die and it will in turn kill the animals that feed off of the plants, because they will have nothing to eat, and in turn the predators that eat those animals will starve slowly. It is a vicious cycle that grows and never ends. The protection of the wetlands is something that has to be taken seriously and the impact that it has on the climate and keeping areas from having floods and storms and hurricanes is essential in the grand scheme of things.

We’d like to thank Miss Sue Lang on this contribution to our web page.


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