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Lakes and Rivers

Where is the largest and deepest lake of the world? Where to find the longest river? Why have some rivers actually Deltas? Does lakes and rivers remain forever? What is an estuary? What is the highest waterfall? How fast is actually moving a waterfall? Here are some facts about lakes, rivers and waterfalls in the form of questions.

Where are the largest and deepest lakes?
Caspian Sea Рthe largest and deepest lake found in (former) Russia. It is near the border with Iran. Although the name suggests otherwise it is a lake  and not a sea, as it is surrounded entirely by land. It is called sea because it is so immensely large. The area of the Caspian Sea is less than 360,700 square kilometers.
Balkalmeer – the deepest lake in Siberia. The deepest part or root of this lake is 1940 meters.

Where to find the longest river?
The Nile – the longest river in Africa (North Africa) with a length of 6670 km.

Why do some river deltas?
It happens when a river flows directly into the sea, and it divides or branches at the end in several small rivers. A delta occurs when the river mud sludge outlet where the smaller river walk their way through courses to culminate in the sea. It is named after the Greek letter delta, because the triangular shape.

Will the lakes and rivers continue to exist?
Lakes and rivers can exist thousands and thousands of years. A river cuts through the country and the underlying rock gradually. But, rivers can dry up, and in particular places there are so-called rain rivers, as there is little or no supply of fresh water.
Lakes are fed by rivers that carry soil particles. Gradually becomes more filled with such particles, then ‘silted up’ this, which also may be due to the remains of countless generations of plants. The water then turns into a swamp, the trees grow and then finally turns up on dry land.

What is an estuary?
An estuary is the last part of a river, where it dilates and flows into the sea. This is also called the mouth of a river causing large mud banks and mud banks occur where the river winds its way through the sea searching for.

How high is the highest waterfall?
The highest waterfall is Angel Falls in Venezuela. The water crashes into a jerk at 807 meters down. The cascade has a total height of 979 meters.

How quickly does a waterfall move?
A waterfall (the landfill border) gradually moves upstream from the river, where the rapid flow of water down the rock edge which he dumps uitslijpt eventually. The famous Niagara Falls, at the border of the United States and Canada is, moves to around 1 meter per year upstream.


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