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The Benefits of an Energy Smart Home

There are a number of reasons why more and more people are turning toward building an energy smart home, it could be out of concern for the environment, wishing to reduce fossil fuel consumption and harmful emissions or it could be that the owners are looking to minimize the running costs of their home.

An energy smart home is considered to be a residential dwelling that has replaced at least one traditional building method or utility with an appliance or design which lowers energy demands and costs.

New home designs will often incorporate many energy saving aspects from the initial plans onwards, allowing for natural sunlight to heat the home, having specific airflow to maximize natural warmth and minimize any heat loss as well as using modern insulation materials in an attempt to keep the home warm in winter and cool in the summer.

The most well-known addition to the modern energy smart home is the solar panel which has even become common in countries like the UK, a place that doesn’t get a huge amount of sunlight. Solar panels are tremendously effective in homes located in countries that enjoy a lot of sunlight such as Australia. These panels effectively generate electricity from sunlight and after the initial cost of installation they are a great way of reducing the external power consumption of a home, providing electricity and hot water. Solar panels are often found on the roof, as not only are they out of the way, it is also the most efficient place to locate them, although they can be easily mounted on the ground as well.

Another less well known energy efficient method is to install a ceramic fuel cell in the home which can run on natural gas. They can be very inconspicuous only occupying the size of a dishwasher but just one ceramic fuel cell can easily supply the electricity that an average home consumes, with enough left over to either store for a later date or even sell back to the electrical grid.

Electrical equipment also has a major role to play in any energy smart home. One of the biggest wastes of energy in the home comes from the numerous electrical gadgets that are on ‘standby’ when they are not being used, especially modern home entertainment systems. Modern homes can use smart technology which allows the homeowner to actually track the energy usage of the devices in their home and some systems are smart enough to work out how much each device is costing based upon the homes electricity bill. These smart systems allow the homeowner to remove the energy drain of the ‘standby’ mode of appliances by turning them off centrally. There is also greater flexibility with scheduling as well as the facility to remotely switch on or off systems such as the heating as and when required.

Energy smart homes are more accessible now than ever, from new builds which are marketed to potential buyers with energy saving features to homeowners having access to installing energy saving equipment on and around their homes.

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