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10 Tips to Keep Burglars Out of Your Home

10 Tips to Keep Burglars Out of Your HomeThough a top priority among home owners, security can sometimes feel like a daunting topic. Fortunately, there are plenty of smart and safe steps you can take. Here are 10 of the best tips for keep your house secure and intruders out.

1. Sensor Lights

Lighting is a fantastic deterrent for possible intruders. Thieves prefer to work in the dark. So installing sensor lights around your exterior doors and pathways is a brilliant way to throw burglars off guard and scare them off or at least deter them from trying to enter your house. And as an extra bonus sensor lights will help you find your keys and not stumble when entering your own home at night.

2. Door Jam Alarm

When armed and stuck under your doorway, electric door wedge alarms will erupt at 120 decibels of beeping when the door is opened. What is great about these tiny but powerful devices is that they can go just about anywhere with you like:

•the office

•an apartment

•the front door

•your dorm room


•hotel room

•or any other place with a door that you want to protect

3. Motion Detectors

Similar to light sensors, motion detectors can help sound the alarm if suspicious people are moving around your house. These can be particularly helpful for when you leave the house because they will startle predators and alert neighbors.

4. Well Lit Exteriors

Lighting is a big help with night time crime. Keeping your exterior doors, hallways and staircases well lit at all times will help prevent criminals from casing your house in the first place. You can purchase tiny solar lights to brighten your steps and pathways around the house, too.

5. Mock Surveillance Cameras

For homeowners who want to keep their domain safe while maintaining a tight budget, fake security cameras can help deter burglars without breaking the bank. These small light sensors look like a surveillance camera but simple Velcro onto the outside of your home. With a tiny motion detector, they sense movement and turn on a red light, so that thieves will assume they are recording and quickly leave.

6. Real Surveillance Cameras

On the other hand, there are a lot of great things a real surveillance camera can do for a homeowner. Along with preventing and catching crooks, a security camera will let you see what your kids are up to and which neighborhood dog is the one digging in your yard. With special mobile apps, you can also tap into a live feed of your property no matter where you are

7. Security System

Security systems, like HomeSecurity911.com, can incorporate smart alarms, emergency responses and surveillance to provide you with real peace of mind. A good security system will also give you the power to turn off lights, lock doors and do other house checks remotely from a smartphone.

8. Fake TV Light

This tiny colored light can be plugged in an empty dark room to create the appearance of people watching TV. It is a great way to convince burglars to call off their planned attempt.

9. Adopt that Puppy

Maybe the kids have been begging for it or you’ve been thinking about how cute a puppy would be all on your own. A dog not only serves as a fun pet and companion, it will also scare predators and convince them that your house is not a good target.

10. Make Friends with Neighbors

Finally, go outside and meet your next door neighbors. One of the hallmarks of a safe community is neighbors who talk and are somewhat involved in each other’s lives. This helps everyone to keep an eye out for one another. Elderly neighbors who may be home during the day can keep a look out while kids are away at school and adults go to work. And when you take off on vacation, you’ll have real eyes keeping a watch on your house.

With these ten tips, you can keep your home and your family safe.

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