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Film Making Festival, Canberra

The film festival in Canberra, was known at first as Australian International Film Festival, it was started by the University of Canberra Convocation.

Hollywood comes to the Canberra Filmmaking festival. This fabulous festival in Australia is a festvial that allows local filmakers the chance to produce a shortfilm. The filmmakers get ten things to include in their movie and have 10 days to make the movie, and present a film that is seven minutes long.

This event will take place in Garema place. The winners will be presented with awards after the screening of the short films. Every year, this event becomes more and more popular. This event is fun and exciting. Watching all sorts of different short films by local film makers is fun.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own chairs and snacks so that they can enjoy this outdoor event. If you’ve never been to the Film Making Festival in Canberra, this may be a year to start going.

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