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Floating Solar Plants Become New Trend

Have you heard of the latest trend in photovoltaic (PV) industry? It’s floating solar plants.
A floating solar plant is usually located on top of a water reservoir. So far, India and Japan have claimed to own the world’s largest floating solar plants. One of the major advantages of a floating PV plant is to save space; it’s especially beneficial for small countries like Japan. Another reason to develop solar plants on water is to keep them cooler since lower temperatures allow them to generate more power, which is good for countries with hot climates.

The very first such plant was tested in India in 2013. Countries with energy shortages and frequent blackouts can greatly benefit from PV plants floating on water. Nowadays, a floating solar plant in Japan generates enough power to supply around 4,700 houses.
Solar water parks are going to be introduced in the US as well. Pristine Sun, a San Francisco-based Company, has signed a contract for floating PV-project in Sonoma County.
The floating bodies are easy and fast to install, and despite the dangerous water and electricity combination, are rather safe. One of the leading thin-film stress tools and PV-software manufacturers, k-Space, has recognized the potential growth of solar industries in Japan and India by opening one of its distribution centers there.


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