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Canberra Archaeological Society

Formed in 1963, Canberra Archaeological Society favors to the needs of anyone interested in archeology. Each member of the Canberra Archaeological Society has the chance to take part in field work. This involves site recordings and excavations. If you don’t have any experience, do not worry. No experience is needed, since training is available on the job. Your devotion and eagerness is the only requirements. Especially if you have the drive to enjoy every bit of your time spent in the field.

Every month, a monthly meeting is arranged. These meetings are held at the Australian National University. Guest speakers from a range of fields and studies participate. The topics can and do range from a wide variety of topics from Australian prehistory, historical archeology, and classical studies in the field of the Canberra Archaeological Society’s studies. Other events, conferences, and tours are also available to members of the Canberra Archaeological Society.

If you have any inquires about any field of study in archeology then please let the Canberra Archaeological Society be there for you today! Helping any and all better understand the finer workings of archeology along the way of enriching people’s lives with the amazing studies and research performed through Canberra Archaeological Society.

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