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National Taekido Australia

National Taekido Australia is a martial arts technique that is aimed at developing both mental abilities and physical. It’s a true Martial art, it is known for it’s dramatic flying and spinning kicks, holds, throws and locks. You will learn how to become strong and flexible while also learning co-ordination and improving their concentration.

It encourages discipline, confidence, respect and self defense. It must be understood that studied in earnest, Taekido is more than a science of tactics and self defence, it is a discipline for perfecting the spirit. You start with a white belt until you learn and will need to learn the basic techniques they need to progress to the next level which is a brown belt. National Taekido encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of training and is suitable for men, women and children of all ages. With determination both physical and mental in time you will be able to master National Taekido Australia.

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