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Save Gas With Good Driving Habits

With the increase in fuel prices, car mileage has become an important factor. New cars are coming up with better mileage but it’s not just the new cars that can give good mileage. Old cars can also give good mileage.

It depends on few factors that include the driving style of the driver. A driver that would let the car undergo lot of acceleration and heavy braking would certainly use more amount of fuel and would not have better mileage. The effect on economy due to this reason can be 30% on the freeways and 5% inside town and city roads.

Moving the car at greater speeds also has an effect on the mileage due to increase in the air resistance to the motion of the car with increase in speed. Idling is also another reason that adds to the amount of gas used without any distance covered.

Another important aspect while considering the mileage is the maintenance of the car, A three year old car that did undergo better maintenance would give a better mileage as compared to a one year old car that did not had a good maintenance.

Tire inflation is also important as correctly inflated tire would undergo less rolling resistance and would give better mileage. Air filter and brakes also contribute to mileage as dirty filters and weak brakes would make the motor work harder and would result in poor mileage.

Different type of gasoline would give different mileage as reformulated gasoline offers less energy content so mileage decreases. The difference also arises in different seasons as in summers the gasoline would give better mileage as compared to winters.

By taking certain measures, the gasoline intake of the vehicle can be reduced to increase the mileage, which can save a lot when the gasoline prices are rapidly increasing.

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