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AirConditioner Maintenance

It is recommended that your air conditioner is once a year checked by an air conditioning installer. Proper maintenance of air extends the life of the appliance and prevents further complications. If the air is not properly maintained, it might happen that bacteria and fungi living in a room are blown all over. This is harmful to health.

Proper maintenance of the device also provides a lower energy. You would be wise to ask your installer to a maintenance contract for the air conditioner. Champion AC is an HVAC company that offers expert AC repair San Antonio services that keep your air conditioner efficient and clean year round.

Servicing the air conditioning is different for a house and for the air conditioner of a car. While an air conditioner of a car needs to be refilled only every two or three years, the air of your home/office needs to be maintained annually. The reason for this is the interior area of the house. It is many times larger than the surface of the car. Your air conditioning system must be regularly replenished. The coolant should be on the appropriate pressure level, otherwise it might jeopardize the life of the plant. Let filling the air, preferably to an authorized installer.

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