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Leather Loungers & Carpet Cleaning

Proper Cleaning of Leather Loungers and Carpets

Cleaning Leather Loungers and CarpetThe interior of a home or business makes an impression on everyone who walks in the door. Proper cleaning and maintenance of leather and carpet improves the look of two of the most important features of an interior. Soiled surfaces and fibers encourage bacteria and odours.

General dirt and regular use can dull the original colours of these decorative items. Set-in dirt, food, liquids, oils and spills can become permanent stains. The right cleaning methods help to restore the appearance of loungers and carpets to create an attractive, welcoming appearance.


A lounger provides comfortable seating and enhances residential or commercial decor. Soiling from normal use, body oils, spills, pets and children can all leave a lounger in need of a cleaning. Hair products, lotions and colour transfer from fabrics and inks can soil a lounger during regular use. Over time, the head rest area and arm rests can become discoloured. Professional cleaning can remove soiling, restore leather’s lustre and give it a nearly new appearance.

Experts can remove certain stains and odours and reduce wear marks on leather. Attempting to clean leather with the wrong products can harm the leather and even make spots worse. Professional leather lounge cleaning  ensures the best results..


Carpeting develops wear marks in heavily used areas. Entry ways and the areas that get walked on the most often become discoloured and may look matted down compared to other areas. The soiling and abrasion on the fibres can damage the carpet. Scheduling professional cleaning regularly helps to maintain carpet, keep it looking its best and helps to keep it in better condition longer. Cleaning removes deep soil and helps restore the pile.

Contact the local experts for the best home or business cleaning results. Sydney Carpet Cleaners specialises in cleaning and protection for leather, upholstery and carpet.

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