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Canberra Planetarium: A Wonder of Space and Time

Imagine a world with no form of time-keeping. Or, discovering if a killer asteroid, often referred to as a global killer, is on its’ way to earth; like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Astronomy has provided my important discoveries that affect our everyday lives and the accepted way of thinking. For example, the rotation of the planets around the sun and other generally accepted notions of our universe.

Unlocking the secrets of the universe could eventually lead to new discoveries that will aide in our everyday lives. A new world can be discovered at the Canberra Planetarium that provides some the best telescopes to see far distances and those constellations closer to home.

In addition, there is a unique €˜virtual reality star theatre€™ which offers numerous original and spectacularly entertaining projection programs from the new attendant to the seasoned enthusiast. Providing a plethora of educational materials for students, families and teachers and reasonable admission prices, the Canberra Planetarium is a must-stop on your travels through Canberra.


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