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Choose Hot Tub Direct

The Security you can get from Choosehottubsdirect

Many people are disheartened easily when confronted by a bad situation. They give up easily never knowing that even bad experiences can be exploited and turned into a good situation. Not only did the online company failed to deliver the tub on the agreed date but they also charged him exorbitant shipping fee. But his misery did not stop there either as when they tried to install the tub in the proposed location, they found out that the tub dimension is totally different from what they ordered. Exasperated and furious for the mistakes the company did, he called the customer hotline reasoning out calmly about the situation he was experiencing at that very moment. Well, after a long conversation the company never offered to replace the tub but instead told him “We’re terribly sorry for the mistake, good luck next time”. It was like adding salt to injury to an already distressed customer left with an expensive useless hot tub.

That what exactly happened to Steve Barbarich, founder of Choose Hot Tub Direct after he bought his hot tub online. While some people might just sulk in the corner accepting the fate that had befallen them but not Steve, he did not only lose hope in the online market but founded the company to address the growing concerns in the online market – bad sales and after sale services, expensive shipping rates, delayed delivery of products or even delivering items totally different from what the consumers purchased.

Choose hot tubs direct is Steve Barbarich’s solution to the woes and apprehensions of consumers towards online shopping. Instead of sulking in the corner and let the experienced pass, he founded the company to confront it head on. Being an entrepreneur, inventor, an author and a distinguished philanthropist, the shift to e-commerce was easy as he knew exactly what to do.

Being one the most trusted e-commerce site in the world today is the direct result of that bad experienced he had before. He raised the bar on what an online site should be that in no time at all his company became the embodiment of a successful e-commerce site.

What makes this company so successful? By giving its customers a fair fight and what they truly deserves, truth in advertising, top quality products, fair price, excellent customer service and fast and on time delivery of products purchased.

Generally speaking, hot tubs are expensive and you may wonder how come they can offer the same products at a lower cost? Steve solution is simple, by partnering directly with manufacturers getting away with additional third party cost so you’re basically buying from him at “factory priced”. You will never find a better deal than this from any competitors and this is the cheapest way to buy your dream hot tub.

Choosehottubsdirect.com company also assures its customers that you will always get what you paid for all the time as every product ordered are forwarded directly to that manufacturers and once your tub is built precisely according to specification, it will be sent to you. This procedure assures the customers that what will arrive in your doorstep is the exact dimension of what you have ordered from them.

Steve Barbarich made sure that the customers will always get what they truly deserves and truth to that is the customer service people who made sure that all customers are treated well and with respect. Another reason why customers just love dealing with Steve’s company- for a customer is not always right he is also treated as king.

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