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Houseplants and their care

Most people do their very best for their plants to look good. But generally it has the opposite effect. You should be aware that all plants naturally occur in warmer climates. In nature the plant is not spoiled. You should try to reproduce the natural conditions of a plant.

The biggest mistake people make is over-watering the plant. We drown the plants. There are a number of water-loving plants like ferns and carnivorous plants. But most plants do not like a waterlogged soil. Average once a week a splash of water is sufficient. In summer the plant will want more water than in winter. In the summer we like to plant themselves cool by “sweating”. Plants do this by additional pumping water through its leaves, and the water evaporate from the leaves. Winter is the quiet period for the plants. They hardly grow. They don’t need anything but a small amount of water to get through the winter. The general rule for watering: better too little than too much. If you give too little water to plants, they give themselves to hang limply by or through their leaves to curl. This drooping or curling of the leaves is a natural protection of the plant. The plant makes sure that the evaporation of water is down to a minimum.

Like humans, animals, plants also need nutrients. However, no vitamins and minerals, salts and minerals. Each plant has its own need for salts and minerals. It is therefore important that you place a plant in a sort of earth which is the best for that type of plant. Cacti and succulents for example, soil is very fine, and consists of sandy and there are few nutrients. The structure of this earth was made so that there is not much moisture can be held. This corresponds to the natural condition of the plant. Many cacti and succulents live in dry areas like the desert, and there are also developed. If you have a plant potted in fresh soil, then there is enough food for the plant for about six weeks. After these 6 weeks you should get fertilizer. This can best be done with liquid plant food. Read it carefully on the package when and how much fertilizer you should use. Because too much food is not good.

Every plant needs light. One would like to plant lots of light and the other a bit less. I mean no artificial light, but daylight. Plants that gets only artificial light will eventually go dead. This is because no artificial UV (ultraviolet) files. The light gives life (photosynthesis) to the plant. Photosynthesis is a process that some of the light as energy source to carbon dioxide and water into sugar and oxygen. This comes as a “waste” oxygen free. These sugars are used to grow the plants and fruits with it. Therefore, most fruit tastes sweet. If you want to know where your plant feels the best you can apply the next rule. In general, larger and darker green the leaves of the plant is – the darker place can be, but of course there are always exceptions. Please read the card on which the plant is always well, and don’t throw the card away. If you have questions about your plans, then it is easy if you know the name of the plant.

To help you grow bigger, better and more productive plants you should get hydroponics supplies. They will allow you to grow plants with little or no pesticide just about anywhere, indoors or out.


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