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Solar Power Capture Reaches 90% Efficiency

Engineers have announced that solar capture techniques have been perfected to allow for greater than 90% efficiency. With fossil fuel reserves nearly depleted and natural gas production halted after the incineration of a Queensland suburb in a fracking disaster, the World Governing Council declared a state of emergency in 2256. A mandatory blackout for non-essential power demands has left the world in near-darkness for much of the last decade.

Severe drought and high winds have scrubbed lands of vegetation and animal life. Scientists and engineers hope to use these arid lands for large fields of interconnected photo-voltaic cells capable of harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it to usable power for the world. “The once familiar lights of our fair metropolitans may once again be visible from the Lunar Habitat as a beacon in the night,” said Prelate Herbert George Bush IX of the North American Alliance after announcing construction of new solar capture fields in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.

Engineers predict that 70 percent of the world’s power demand may be met by solar power in less than a decade. The oil and gas industries are skeptical of these claims. The energy giant, ShellExxCon, whose drilling platforms ring entire continents, insists that ultra-deep drilling of the sea floor will soon reap billions of barrels of oil. Environmentalists claim that the recent mega-quake that struck central Mexico was caused seismic disturbances resulting from deep-sea drilling. Sheik Khalid Abdul-Alin, a representative from the Mid-East Oil Reserve, recently agreed to lower the per-barrel cost of oil to help ease the shortage around the world. Other world leaders hope that the solar technology will ease dependence on oil from the Middle East. “We grow increasingly weary of dealing with these tyrants who hold the purse-strings over increasingly expensive oil that comes nowhere near meeting demand,” said Secretary General Morimoto Kim of the WGC.

For now, the rapid pace of construction of new photo-voltaic fields has eased unemployment and provided hope to those who have lived without modern conveniences for several years. “We haven’t been able to watch TV for so long. My children must amuse themselves outside,” said Loralei Hunter of Manchester, U.K. A recent study published in Scientific Mind reports that thousands of people have been affected by depression related to loss of their online social networks. Once energy capacity is increased to meet infrastructural needs, average people may once again have the luxury of non-essential energy usage.


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