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Types of Renewable Green Energy and Its Uses

Nowadays, the renewal green energy are utilized more in our society because the traditional ones are found in limited amounts and it is in the rate to run out very soon. It is a very good idea to make the most of the renewable green energy because the persistent use of the nuclear power and fossil fuels is hazardous for the environment. The technologies of the renewable green energy are being developed very swiftly. The increased use of it help us to safeguard our environment against permanent damage that is been done with the continual use of the fossil fuels.


Here are the four main types of renewable green energy:

1. Wind Power: Nowadays, wind turbines are used to produce electricity. It is able to generate thousand megawatts of power and it can substitute conventional energy sources when used on small scale.

2. Solar Power: The most readily available form of energy is the sun. Due to the advancement of technologies, the households are provided with various ways to harness the sun power. It includes solar electricity, solar dryers, solar cookers and solar heaters. It is very cost effective and it is very good for the environment. It helps you to save on your utility bills and requires very little maintenance. The solar cookers are the healthy way to cook food, since it cooks the food at low temperature so it helps the food to retain its mineral and vitamins. It is very portable. So, it makes it ideal for the campers and travelers.

3. Hydro Power: Earlier, hydro power was used industrially by getting power from the waterfalls and rivers but nowadays it is been used in the dams to produce electricity. It is generated on a large scale where the water is channeled through the turbines.

4. Geothermal Power: It is produced typically in areas with ongoing volcanic activity. The large power plants are built over the geysers where the steams from it drive the large turbines to make electricity.


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