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Computer’s energy consumption

power usageWith the current escalating cost of electricity, most home owners and small business are undertaking all available tips on how to lower the cost of energy at home and at work. Almost every home owner owns a personal computer or a laptop at home, more so especially if he or she works at home, or their children Use it for both school and entertainment purposes. Whatever the reasons it may be used for, it is quite important to understand just how much power a computer consumes
Most PC’s have a varied power usage, ranging from 65 watts to 300 watts depending on make of the PC, most details about the specific power usage of your computer can be gotten online from the manufacture’s website. an LCD or a TFT monitor it consumes around 15 -70 watts and a CRT monitor it consumes around 80 watts, a modem uses around 5-10 watts, a router also consume 3-5 watts all of these devices consumptions differ with the make and model. Laptops on the other hand prove to be quite energy efficient, charging a laptop consumes around 20 -70 watts depending on the make and model of the laptop.

For those who are still contemplating to own a computer, if energy efficiency is a priority to you, then it is well advised to buy a laptop. Laptop are more energy efficient that PC’s, but if you want to own a Desktop computer, Mac is the best in terms of energy consumptions, you might want to also change from using a CRT monitor to using an LCD monitor, it will greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed by your PC.
Tips to Reduce energy consumption for your computer.

Seta convenient and appropriate auto-sleep setting time on your computer. This ensure that if your computer is not active for the set time, it auto sleeps thus reducing energy it consumes
Turn your computer off or hibernate it when you are done for the day, and switch it off from the mains
You can use a power strip, a power strips cuts off all power connection to the computer peripheral when the computer is turned off.

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