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Printing & Photocopy Technology

Today’s photocopy machines are marvels of modern technology. Printing & photocopy technology has advanced considerably since they were first introduced decades ago.

One of the oldest automated technologies that might be recognized as a photocopy machine is the mimograph. A stencil was prepared and a drum was rolled over ink, which was then transferred to the page. While it was essentially a printing press, it was commercially available and used by companies for creating copies of important reports, and by schools to create many copies of tests and assignments.

A far reach from such slow and labor intensive processes, today’s machines require almost no effort on the part of the operator. The user simply types in the number of copies he or she wants, and touches start. Further, the machines are able to scan and copy in color, re size the images, change the resolution, and perform many other image enhancement processes.

Also, today’s machines can be hooked up to a network and work as a normal computer printer, or as a scanner to create digital copies of whatever document a user might wish.

Finally, they can even email users scanned documents from anywhere in the world!

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