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The Many Powers Of Solar Panels

The average homeowner has worked hard and sacrificed plenty to purchase their own home. Don’t they deserve to have a home that they can take pride in? They think so, which is why homeowners spend the time and effort to choose just the right refrigerator, ceiling fans, air conditioner, speaker system, flood lights, etc. for their homes.

However, most homeowners never stop to wonder just what is powering all of their prized gadgets and gizmos. However, many savvy homeowners are now choosing to take power into their own hands, and are becoming energy independent by installing solar panels on their residential property. These incredible, eco-friendly sources of power not only offer many amazing benefits for homeowners, but also have the power to positively transform the entire country.

The Appalling Facts

The world would be a better place if every homeowner took a moment to consider how important it is to use renewable energy. According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, America’s energy system is in a sad state. In fact, it’s downright appalling what some of the most common forms of energy production are costing this country.

In the U.S., energy production currently accounts for 40% of carbon emissions. Electricity bills are rising every year, and most Americans are unaware of the hidden costs of non-renewable energy sources. For example, electricity production is now costing American businesses and families $100 billion in health costs and $160 billion due to blackouts and power outages.

If every home in America had solar panels installed, then these numbers would change dramatically. If American families had more money in their pockets, they could use it to invest in their communities instead of lining the pockets of coal and gas companies. Solar power truly has the potential to change American society on both the micro and macro levels.

A New America

America deserves an energy source that is not only clean and green, but is also reliable and affordable. It’s what’s best for the economy, the ecology, and the children’s future. Fortunately, solar panels offer homeowners in New York, New Jersey, and California an easy, cost-effective way to gain access to a renewable source of energy.

In addition to shrinking their home’s environmental footprint, homeowners who invest in solar technology for their residential properties also gain access to an array of added benefits. solar panels lower home energy bills from the first day they are installed and are capable of increasing a home’s value by as much as tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a win for individual homeowners that have the added benefit of changing the entire country for the better!

Power Americans Can Count On

Of course, taking the plunge to become energy independent can be scary. After all, Americans are reliant on power to keep their lives running smoothly. That’s why solar panels are only sourced from the best of the best. The company offers solar systems from several industry leaders, so that homeowners can choose the provider and panel that is right for them.

In fact, one of providers also manufactured the solar panels for the Beijing Bird Nest Stadium at the 2008 Olympic Games. Suntech is a developer and manufacturer of some of the most dependable and cost-effective solar power solutions on the planet.

Another famous company that manufactures solar panels is LG. Their easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain solar panels are some of the most affordable and reliable on the market. Verengo is committed to bringing homeowners quality products from names they can trust.

What’s At Stake?

If the average American’s energy bill were cut by 70% each month, what would they use the savings for? Would they contribute to a child’s college fund or donate to an environmental protection agency? There’s no telling all of the wonderful things that the savings made possible by solar panels could be used for.


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