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Computer’s energy consumption

power usageWith the current escalating cost of electricity, most home owners and small business are undertaking all available tips on how to lower the cost of energy at home and at work. Almost every home owner owns a personal computer or a laptop at home, more so especially if he or she works at home, or their children Use it for both school and entertainment purposes. Whatever the reasons it may be used for, it is quite important to understand just how much power a computer consumes
Most PC’s have a varied power usage, ranging from 65 watts to 300 watts depending on make of the PC, most details about the specific power usage of your computer can be gotten online from the manufacture’s website. an LCD or a TFT monitor it consumes around 15 -70 watts and a CRT monitor it consumes around 80 watts, a modem uses around 5-10 watts, a router also consume 3-5 watts all of these devices consumptions differ with the make and model. Laptops on the other hand prove to be quite energy efficient, charging a laptop consumes around 20 -70 watts depending on the make and model of the laptop.

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Cleaning Your Home the Eco Friendly Way

It’s important to keep a clean, welcoming home to feel comfortable in, but often times people rely harsh chemicals and single use disposables to clean their home. Luckily, a germ-free house doesn’t need to come at the cost of polluting the environment. There are plenty of ways to keep your home neat and tidy without the use of harsh chemicals or wasteful single use disposables which harm the environment and are hazardous to your health. For everyone new to the green cleaning world, there are five great ways to get started below. Read More…

Annual Dyer Vent Cleaning

A Honest Review of Golden’s Good Air; The Ultimate Reason to Do Annual Dyer Vent Cleaning

Dyer Vent CleaningYour residential or commercial property is one of those assets that you cherishes a lot. It take a couple of years before one can own a home or a business building. Having that in mind, you need to take care of it exclusively by offering it the highest protection. What will you do to safeguard it against fire? In most homes and commercial buildings, you will always find clothes dryers. Proven research has been able to show that this devices have been blamed for a lot of fire in homes and commercial buildings.

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Get your AC fixed by Professionals

listening-music-Work-ProductivityThose of you who are familiar with current trends will agree with me that ventilation unlike in the past has now become a technology of its own. A few decades ago, way back before home air conditioners were introduced, things to do with furnace repair were locally and unofficially repaired. However, things have now changed; heating and cooling systems are a bit revolutionized and therefore require complex approach when repairing. It is now a necessity that before you hire any contractor that you make sure that s/he is well trained, qualified and licenced as an HVAC contractor.

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Office Chairs

Office chairsWhen purchasing new office furniture you will often see a lot of questions.
A choice must be made between quality, ergonomics and price. A chair and desk are the most used furniture in the office. In this article we will concentrate on office chairs.

Back pain is a complaint that keeps coming back in the office. A bad attitude in a cheap, non-ergonomic office chair is usually the reason for this. The chairs are not sufficiently adaptable to the specific seat style of users.
An ergonomic chair is about the main object of safe and productive office. The chair provides support for back, legs, buttocks and arms along with relief of tension by bad attitudes.

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Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy derived from the sun through the form of solar radiation. Solar powered electrical generation relies on photovoltaics and heat engines. A partial list of other solar applications includes space heating and cooling through solar architecture, daylighting, solar hot water, solar cooking, and high temperature process heat for industrial purposes.

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Household Chores That Could Save You Money

Not everyone enjoys waking up early on a Saturday morning and getting out in the yard to get your hands dirty. However, there’s a bigger incentive for crossing these tasks off your honey-do list on than just keeping your spouse happy – these household chores could help you save money.

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Houseplants and their care

Most people do their very best for their plants to look good. But generally it has the opposite effect. You should be aware that all plants naturally occur in warmer climates. In nature the plant is not spoiled. You should try to reproduce the natural conditions of a plant.

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The Future of Home Maintenance

The world of today is changing at a pace that was never seen before. Thanks to the rise of the Internet and other IT technologies, every modern industry has a bigger chance to develop and create new solutions. This is also evident in the field of civil engineering and home building, where the homes of the future are already being constructed today.

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Types of Renewable Green Energy and Its Uses

Nowadays, the renewal green energy are utilized more in our society because the traditional ones are found in limited amounts and it is in the rate to run out very soon. It is a very good idea to make the most of the renewable green energy because the persistent use of the nuclear power and fossil fuels is hazardous for the environment. The technologies of the renewable green energy are being developed very swiftly. The increased use of it help us to safeguard our environment against permanent damage that is been done with the continual use of the fossil fuels.

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